Monday, 27 September 2010

New Labour leader: Ed Miliband

The Labour Party, the members, the MPs, the MEPs, have spoken, and chosen David Miliband as their new leader. Then along came the unions and changed the outcome to Ed Miliband. Apparently the leaders of the biggest five unions met in London last week and "did the deal." What Ed promised in return is unknown.

The Milibands are an immigrant family of Polish Jews. Despite being Polish, Grandfather Samuel was an ardent communist and fought with the Russian Red Army in the Soviet-Polish war (1919-1921) against his own countrymen, and not surprisingly later fled to settle in Belgium, where Miliband father Adolphe (he preferred to be known as 'Ralph') was born.

After the war Grandfather Samuel made determined attempts to become a British Citizen, including lying about conditions in Belgium, claiming anti-semitism when there was none. He was eventually successful despite concerns by Special Branch.

'Ralph' lived in Primrose Hill, London, and became a well-known Marxist. He worked as a lecturer at various universities, and married another Polish Jew called Marion. (The house later became the subject of a tax avoidance controversy.)

Both Miliband brothers were born in the UK, second generation immigrants of borderline legitimacy, both studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, both went rapidly from University to working for the Labour party before eventually becoming MPs (Ed for Doncaster North, David for South Shields, neither having any real connection with their constituencies.)

So neither brother has ever had a 'proper' job. Both are involved, as the BNP would put it, in the distasteful practice of coming here and trying to re-arrange the furniture. The whole family has lived off the taxpayer one way or another since first coming here in the 1930s. A worse bunch of parasites would be hard to find.

Hopefully neither will ever be Prime Minister.

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