Monday, 20 September 2010

Political news here and abroad

Yesterday saw a general election in Sweden when the 349-member unicameral parliament, called the Riksdag, elected members for a four year term. For the first time the "right-wing" Sweden Democrats have gained seats. Not all the votes are counted yet but they are expected to have 20 members in the new parliament.

This is thanks to Sweden having a system of proportional representation which gives any party with more than 4% support seats in parliament. This is all the more remarkable considering the party suffers from the same problem as the BNP in not being able to access the mainstream media to communicate its policies to the electorate.

The Sweden Democrats have such extreme policies as:
  • Re-introducing life imprisonment for the most severe crimes.

  • Re-negotiating the terms of Sweden's EU membership.

  • Not joining the euro.

  • Stopping mass immigration.

  • Paying some immigrants to go back home.
Clearly with such extreme policies they are beyond saving and will not be invited to join the coalition government. (It's always a coalition government in Sweden.)

However it's very encouraging news for nationalists. Sweden has been substantially occupied by immigrants, mainly muslims, and they have been suffering for it with soaring crime rates in ethnic areas (no, not Lapland areas!)

Sweden presents itself to the world as Liberal and tolerant. But the truth is they have a nasty, repressive, politically-correct mentality in which criticism of immigration or the behaviour of immigrants is treated as racism and prosecuted as a criminal offence. Successive left-wing "liberal" governments have stifled genuine free speech, but it looks like the ordinary Swede in the street has had enough.

Also, the Liberal Democrats are having their annual conference. But that's not important.


Anonymous said...

Good news for Sweden then.

I'm not really a fan of the BNP (far too socialist for my liking) but I was praying for them to get some seats at the last G.E. The the Commons would benefit immensely if it was more representative: The BNP wouldn't let mainstrream politicians get away with half the nonsense they do currently due to their cosy 3-way cartel.

If the swedish Democrats are cut from a similar cloth then I'd expect the level of intelligent debate and effective scrutiny of the executive to go up. Shame we won't be expecting any of that here.


Nationalist said...

Hi Chef,

For your information the BNP is officially "not socialist". That said they are "statist" which can look very similar in that we believe some things, quite a lot of things, are the job of the government and should not be privatised.

As for the quality of the debate - I agree. The Left win their arguments, not by winning the debate, but by preventing it from happening in the first place. Sweden has been further down this track than us with some outrageous prosecutions of people who did no more than complain that immigrants were mugging and raping.

Hopefully Sweden can pull back from the edge now. Traditionally it only takes one person to stand up and point out that the emperor has no clothes on and the house of cards collapses.