Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Irish are revolting

Yesterday about 25,000 Irish University students protested in the middle of Dublin. Apparently their fees might be going up to €3,000 a year. They displayed catchy slogans such as "Education not emigration" and "BA Hons not BA to London".

25,000 Irish Students

Two thoughts occur...

1) Our government is threatening to put University fees up to £9,000 a year - why aren't our students demonstrating?

2) Irish students are fully entitled to attend British Universities if they want, and under EU provisions cannot be charged in a discriminatory manner, ie, have to be exempted fees if they are poor, and have to be given loans otherwise, which there will likely be no way of making them pay back.

And while English students are paying £9,000 a year for the privilege, Scottish students will continue to received a free tertiary education in Scotland, although they have to pay if they come south for an education in England. (Strictly speaking Scottish students ARE charged fees in Scotland but the Scottish government pays the bill for them.)

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