Thursday, 25 November 2010

Media coverage of Derby rape cases

Nine men have been convicted of abusing 27 girls aged 12 to 18, including raping under-aged girls and forcing them to work as prostitutes.

Horrific, I'm sure you would agree. But also horrific is the media's blatant ignoring of the fact that the perpetrators are mainly muslim Asians and the victims are all white girls.

In this latest case, the "Derby rape trials", which have been on-going since February this year the convicted persons published by the BBC are:

Abid Mohammed Saddique
Mohammed Romaan Liaqat
Faisal Mehmood
Mohammed Imran Rehman
Naweed LiaqatFarooq Ahmed
Ziafat Yasin

They don't give a complete list of names. But it's pretty obvious that most of the criminals are muslim, for starters they are called "Mohammed" more often than not. (Mohammed is now the most popular boys' name for babies born in the UK this year - provided you include all the variations in spelling, Mohamed, Mohammet etc.)

And it all goes back to the Prophet Mohammed. He married his wife Aisha when she was 7 years old and started having sex with her when she was 9. This sets the standard by which some muslims live; paedophilia is endorsed by their religion.

Yet somehow the BBC fails to notice the muslim connection. And the rest of the media seems to go with "Asian rape gang". Asian? You don't see many Sikh or Hindu rape gangs! It must be pretty gutting for them to be lumped in with these animals.

Last night Newsnight did a long report on the Derby case without once mentioning, or even appearing to notice, the muslim connection. They had a representative from Barnardos who claimed these rape gangs now operate in every town and city in the country and thousands of girls are involved. (It seems unlikely to this blog that this is literally true - not everywhere in the UK has been enriched by a muslim presence yet, thankfully.)

But the BBC seems completely oblivious to the fact that this is one ethnic group preying on another. Or rather they don't want to report it. They are protecting their left-wing agenda and concealing the glaring flaws in the multicultural experiment which has proved a disaster for this country. What gives them the right to use OUR money to promote THEIR agenda is not clear.


Anonymous said...

What a biased account of the news story. Have you forgotton the white man in the gang who was the one with the worst sexual assault charges previously? And the victims were not all white, predominently yes, but Britain is a predominently white country so that is to be expected. I don't really see how the fact they are muslim has much to do with it. There could be sikh or hindu gangs doing the same but not been discovered yet. or have done previously in the past but the news story is now forgotten. I also don't see how the fact the name mohammed comes up a lot doesn't automatically mean the people themselves are muslim. Their parents could be but the child decided not or tyhey could just think it's a good name. Are you really so naive as to think only a muslim would behave in such a way? Clearly you have only processed the information you've read to support your own discriminatory views.

Nationalist said...

The "white man" in the gang is also a muslim. This post is a critique of religion, not of race.

Please show some evidence, eg news reports, that Sikh or Hindu gangs are doing the same thing. I'm not aware of this.

I accept that there are some non-muslim child abusers but only Islam provides any sort of cover for abusing under aged girls. All other religions consider it wrong.