Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Lord Taylor

According to stats from London's metropolitan police force, blacks in the city can be up to ten times more likely to be a criminal than a white person. Helping to keep these numbers up is Conservative peer "Lord" Taylor of Warwick.

Lord Taylor: I'm from Ealing, me!

Yesterday he was convicted of claiming more than £11,000 in expenses to which he was not entitled by registering a half-nephew's house in Oxford as his main residence. "Lord" Taylor actually lives in Ealing. Said nephew was very surprised to find out that Uncle John supposedly lived with him. He only actually saw him a couple of times a year.

The ignoble "Lord" first came to public notice in 1992 when the Conservatives put him up as a prospective parliamentary candidate in the true blue constituency of Cheltenham. The voters rightly rejected him, perhaps sensing even then that he was a wrong 'un.

As a consolation prize John Major made him a lord and he became the first black member of the House of Lords. Now he has disgraced himself. He's not alone. Several black peers have been dipping their fingers into the public's purse. Let us not forget Baroness Uddin (Bangladeshi immigrant) who claimed £83,000 for a main residence which couldn't be found, and Baroness Scotland (Caribbean immigrant) who claimed £170,000 for an out-of-town house when she actually lived in London.

Strangely, Lord Taylor's website ( makes no mention of his criminal conviction.


Anonymous said...

Good article, and a great first link!

Nationalist said...

Actually he's an even bigger weirdo than I realised. Check this out...