Thursday, 10 February 2011

Eric Illsley jailed

Further to this post the disgraced former MP for Barnsley, Eric Illsley has just been sentenced to one year in jail. He fraudulently obtained £14,000 by fiddling his expenses, but pleading guilty will have got him a third off - so the base sentence would have been 18 months.

This sets the benchmark for Lord Taylor who has been found guilty of fiddling £11,000 but didn't plead guilty. He will be sentenced in due course.


chefdave said...

Don't expect much sense from the criminal justice system. A guy got sent down for 5 years recently for robbing a petrol station (he got away with about £50 IIRC) with a mask he'd bought from the same place.

In the same week in my local area a guy got 3.5 years for punching another man in the face and accidentally killing him.

These decisions don't make a lot of sense to me.

Nationalist said...

There's probably an underlying logic.

The fact that the killing was accidental must have reduced the culpability.

And the petrol station job was presumably an "armed robbery" in which a heavy sentence is guaranteed regardless of the amount actually taken.