Friday, 4 February 2011

Muslims behaving badly

We seemed to be deluged with stories about rogue muslims at the moment.

First, meet Rajib Karim, 31...

 Karim: On trial for plotting terrorism

A British Airways employee, a well-educated software engineer, Bangladesh-born Karim is currently being tried at Woolwich Crown Court accused of preparing an atrocity costing many lives. The court has heard that he exchanged several encrypted emails with terror mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki in which he reported his progress in recruiting like-minded individuals amongst airport staff and speculated on the possibility of getting 'a package' onto an aircraft.

The jury was told that Karim acted as a terrorist mole for American-born al-Awlaki – the commander of the Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – passing him crucial information on the airline’s computer and security systems.

Karim came to the UK in 2006 to make use of the NHS. He thought his baby son had cancer - he didn't but Karim stayed here. His wife is a British-national.

The prosecution said that from his arrival Karim was ‘entirely committed to an extreme Jihadist and religious cause.' And that Karim believes that terrorism, including the murder of civilians, is permissible to establish, as he views it, a true Islamic state'

The Daily Mail has extracts of his emails...

You have new mail!

The trial continues.

Meanwhile, back in Bangladesh, which Karim seems to miss so much, what with all us "kuffars" over here, in this pleasant river-side village...

 Primitive village, near Dhaka, full of superstitious idiots

...a 14-year-old girl has been whipped to death. Mosammet Hena was raped by a cousin and in Islam this counts as "having an affair". The local cleric decreed 100 lashes. Mosammet survived the first seventy.

Closer to home we have more muslim scum. Two muslim councillors at Birmingham City Council have refused to stand or clap when George Cross winner L/Cpl Matthew Croucher was being feted by the Council for throwing himself on a Taliban hand grenade to save his colleagues' lives.

L/Cpl Matthew Croucher GC: Hero

Royal Marine Matthew Croucher was largely unhurt in the incident, due to his backpack taking the force of the blast - much to the muslim councillors' regret no doubt. Both councillors are members of the "Respect" party. (You couldn't make it up, could you?)

Meanwhile the Wikileaks revelations continue. Today we learn that SIS (aka MI6) thinks that the problem of home-grown terrorists will blight Britain for years to come. The warning was given in a private briefing from a senior MI6 official to visiting American Congressmen amid growing US fears over the radicalisation of young British Muslims. Nice!

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