Monday, 7 February 2011

Tories turning back the clock

Pleasingly, our Tory-led coalition government seems to be quite systematically dismantling the oppressive legislation imposed by New Labour.

Speaking at the European Security Conference PM "Dave" Cameron said that multiculturalism has failed. He wants to promote a stronger national identity to combat extremism "of all kinds." Identity? Which party is it which puts "identity" as one of its top policy items? Yes, the BNP, which has been pointing out that multiculturalism is a failed experiment for at least the last ten years. So it looks like the Tories are slipping into some BNP clothes and finding they quite like the fit.

Next up is the Criminal Records Bureau. CRB checks seem to have become mandatory for about half the jobs in the country. New Labour was draconian in its severity. The slightest blemish on a person's record, eg accepting a caution for a misdemeanour, could bar a person from any number of professions for ten years. The new policy is going to be that only jobs requiring intensive contact with children will require this kind of vetting.

And last up: ASBOs. Anti-Social Behaviour Orders were a travesty of justice when they were first introduced; they allow someones freedom to be curtailed without the safeguards of a criminal trial; and in any event are now regarded as a badge of honour by the criminal classes. They are to be replaced by a series of other orders which one hopes will not violate the fundamental tenets of justice, such as the right to a trial before punishment is imposed.

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