Thursday, 21 April 2011

Helen Wood, Imogen Thomas, Super-injunctions etc

The story so far. The prostitute Helen Wood was paid £195 for sex with a British actor known only NEJ. Wood's previous claim to fame was getting paid £1000 for having sex with Manchester United player Wayne Roony.

Helen Wood: Footballers pay better than actors

We aren't allowed to know NEJ's real name because he has a super-injunction from the High Court to protect his reputation and family.


The Internet is awash with rumours as to who NEJ is; some people are even suggesting you can work out the identity of the actor from the code letters themselves. All this blog can say is that he has poor taste in ties.

Also topical: former Miss Wales, Big Brother contestant and serial WAG, Imogen Thomas is also on the receiving end of a super-injunction. She had a six-month relationship with a footballer who cannot be named.

Miss Wales: Likes footballers - a lot!

A footballer

Strictly speaking though these aren't super-injunctions. To count as "super" the injunction has to contain a clause which prevents its existence from being reported. If you know it exists then it's only a regular injunction really.

Some people think a bit of googling will tell you the names of those involved. But think again. Even google has been gagged...

Google: Not telling

But there is a man who knows: Kelvin MacKensie, former editor of the Sun newspaper.

Kelvin MacKensie: Man in the know

MacKensie revealed on Newsnight (BBC2) on the 20th of April that there are currently 29 super-injunctions in effect. That's way more than the newspapers have reported. The High Court has clearly been busy. Of course what we need now is for someone with the complete list of names to set up a website outside the UK and the whole house of cards will come crashing down, which would doubtless be very entertaining for those of us not involved.
(This blogger is now going away for a couple of weeks. Readers are requested not to post suggestions as to who these mysterious super-injunctors are in the comments section, nor links to websites which name them, since this blogger will not be around to delete them until the beginning of May. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.)


chefdave said...

I'm a bit concerned about the freedom of speech aspect to all this, I thought it was our right to be able to gossip and speculate about the activities of the rich and famous, but apparently it's just a privilege, one that can be taken away at the stroke of judge's pen.

I also find it amusing that an ex Big Brother contestant is now taking out super injunctions to stop public tittle tattle.

What is the world coming too?!

Nationalist said...

Nah Chefdave, you've got it wrong. Darling Imogen has been shagging **** ***** for the last six months and now they've broken up she's been injuncted against and can't sell her story to the rags. Poor girl hasn't got a proper job and needs the money - all so **** ***** can go on pretending he's a "family man" and keep selling us ***** in those TV ads.

Anonymous said...

so where not allowed to say the name. Well she really did take that devil (the red one) Bryan Jiggs for a ride.

TwoTailedFox said...

So, we can't say it was R Y A N G I G G S?

Anonymous said...

What is the big deal? So what if Ryan Giggs has been shagging Imogen Thomas, I am sure his missus will forgive him just like John Terries Missus did him,.Lets face these WAGS can't survive without these over paid pricks. SO Name and Shame the buggers, we live in the United kingdom NOT Russia. DO the decent thing RYAN own up to it.

Anonymous said...

so who is the actor?

Anonymous said...

The actor is Hugh bon******* apparently

Clyde said...

Without naming names. lets just say that 'the Force' seems to have deserted NEJ on this occasion