Monday, 11 April 2011

Polish and Romanian immigrants commit most crime?

The Daily Telegraph claims that immigrants to the UK from Poland and Romania commit the most crime.

The numbers are Poland: 6,777 crimes committed last year, and Romania: 4,343.

Of course this is bad news. Immigrants are twice as likely to be criminals as natives, which is just one of many reasons to clamp down on immigration, but the Poles are getting a bad rap here. Poles have committed 56% more crime than the Romanians, but there are ten times as many of them in the UK!

The truth is that Poles are more likely to be criminals that the rest of us, but not more likely than other immigrants. In general the farther South an immigrant comes from the more likely he or she is to be a criminal. The biggest offenders are Africans, especially Somalians. (Africans don't show up in the Telegraph's numbers because they were only looking at EU immigrants.)

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