Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tories are a sick joke

Seriously, look at this picture...

The man in the middle is the British Prime Minister. Good suit, straight back, no complaints so far. The man on the right still wearing his pyjamas is an Iman at the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan - he's foreign so let's not judge him, and the bare-footed woman showing her painted toes on the left is a peer of realm and Chairman of the Conservative Party - Baroness Warsi! 

Just for contrast here's a picture of the previous Chairman of the Conservative Party...

That's Eric Pickles. Which of the two actually looks like a Chairman of the Conservative Party, and which one looks like a girl with absolutely no gravitas or sense of the importance of her role tagging along while the grown-ups talk?

And while we're posting pictures of party chairmen, here's Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party...

Frankly he'd slide into the role of Chairman of the Conservative Party with scarcely a ripple. Of course he would never accept the position - not being a Tory. But how the painted lady got the job is anyone's guess!

Oh, and while our brave leader "Dave" Cameron was in Pakistan he promised them a donation of £650 million from the long-suffering British taxpayers. That was nice of him, wasn't it?

How much is £650 million anyway? Well, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all introduced free prescriptions. If your doctor says you need medicine, you get it, for free. But in England we still have to pay for prescription medicine. We pay £450 million a year. Yes, "Dave" has just casually given away enough in a single overseas visit to finance free prescriptions in England for a year and a half.

What a loon!

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Dex said...

Interesting times with respect to inflation and the price of gold:

Is it a bubble? I think that those in the know realised long ago that the fiat currencies are unsustainable. The US debt keeps on increasing and the Fed have created several hundred billion dollars (quantative easing)...meanwhile Portugal's going to require a bail out and Spain will be next.