Friday, 27 May 2011

Four muslims attack RE teacher

Four muslims attacked a white RE teacher, cracking his skull and knocking him unconscious, and only got caught because MI5 happened to be bugging their car at the time.

Here are the villains of the piece:

Gary Smith, 38, was beaten as he walked to Central Foundation Girls' School in Bow, east London, last July. The gang left him unconscious after attacking him with a metal rod and a brick, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard. They pleaded guilty to GBH with intent and were ordered to serve jail sentences of four or five years.

Azad Hussain, 26, of Wapping, and Akmol Hussein, 26, of Bethnal Green, both east London, were each given indeterminate sentences and ordered to serve a minimum of five years in prison. Simon Alam, 19, of Whitechapel, was given 10 years and told he would have to serve at least five years, and Sheikh Rashid, 27, of Shadwell, was sentenced to eight years and ordered to serve at least half the term.

Judge John Hand QC said he believed the four remained a danger to the public because of their extreme religious beliefs. Addressing the defendants one by one, he said: "Your belief is that you carried out a duty to your God and you did so with no mercy. "If you think that people around you in society present an insult or threat to God then you will not hesitate in attacking again in the way that you have acted."
Too right, that judge! This kind of news is getting all too common. Any possibility of immigrants integrating into our society seems to have fallen by the wayside. People don't even mention it anymore. It's just not going to happen.

Apparently it is no longer acceptable to these muslims to have a non-muslim teach their children about religion. These four decided the best way to express their displeasure was to hand out a vicious beating to the RE teacher, leaving him scarred for life.

The fact that MI5 already had them under surveillance doesn't say much for their characters.

We need to get rid of these muslims - there's really no alternative. While they live in our country we are all at risk. Deportation is now the only solution. And the only party with the balls to make it happen is the BNP.

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