Thursday, 16 June 2011

11-year-old boy rapes disabled 9-year-old boy

Another tale of woe brought to us by the Daily Mail.

You've read the post title above. So take a guess about the nature of the monster who lured a disabled 9-year-old boy to his bedroom and buggered him. Yes, that's right, an immigrant of course! The junior homosexual paedophile rapist, known coyly as Child X, arrived on our shores aged only three. His father was shot dead in a drugs deal gone wrong and Child X has been going off the rails ever since. Assuming he was ever on the rails.

Anyway, young Master X has pretty much done his jail time and will be on a street near you come September.  Your taxes will no doubt be financing the rest of his life since I can't see him ever being a productive member of society; or even one it's safe to be around. Needless to say, most responsible forms of employment are now closed to him thanks to his record.

Any sensible government would deport him whence he came on release. Ours won't do that of course. Nope, we'll acommodate him, dress him, feed him, cosset him, tend to his every need, and from time to time imprison him, which still involves accommodating, feeding, dressing and cossetting, but is more expensive. Hoards of social workers, probation officers and the like will worry about him, and you'll get to pay for it all.

A packed lunch and a one-way ticket would be so much cheaper.

(The Dail Mail don't seem to be allowing comments on this article, and I can't say I blame them.)

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