Friday, 24 June 2011

Murdered for breakfast

The mainstream media is a strange creature. The murder of Milly Dowler has been national news for the last ten years. First she was missing and there was a hunt lasting years; then she was found dead, and there was a man-hunt lasting more years. Then yesterday Levi Bellfield, already serving life for two other murders, was convicted of her murder as well.

OK, so it's a lurid and tragic story. It features a pretty girl which always helps give a story legs. But why has this one been ignored...

Rebecca Aylward: Murdered for breakfast?

This is 15-year-old  Rebecca Aylward. Her former boyfriend, aged 16, but name unknown is accused of taking her into the woods and smashing a rock on her head until she was dead. Swansea Crown Court heard that he claimed "the worst part" was when her skull gave way. And his motivation for this savagery? He'd been promised a free breakfast by a friend. That's all. Just breakfast.

The murder trial is on-going. But why isn't it bigger news? The victim is pretty enough surely? Is it because it's happening in Wales while Milly Dowler lived in Surrey?


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