Wednesday, 1 June 2011

No way out

Readers of an economic bent may be interested in this report...

No way out

...from the brokerage Tullet Prebon.

Written by their head of research, Dr Tim Morgan, it basically re-iterates everything you have read on this blog over the last few years and comes to the conclusion that for the UK economy there is no way out. The debt is too big and isn't going away.

This is gloomy, I think too gloomy. There are ways out - it's just that the government doesn't have the nerve to use them. The way out is to leave the EU, radically cut public spending and compensate for the millions of jobs that would be lost by repatriating an appropriate number of immigrants. None of the LibLabCon triumvirate has the balls to do that.

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Anonymous said...

Or we could just default on the West's debt to China...

Death to China - it's about time!