Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Not a lesbian blogger

This blogger would like it to be known that he is not a lesbian.

It's important to make this clear because, according to the stats tab on the blogger Control Panel, posts containing the word lesbian get far more hits than other posts.

Of course posts containing pictures of lesbians get even more hits. Unfortunately there are no pictures of lesbians here; and certainly not pictures of naked lesbians. That would be even better for the hits, but sadly, no pictures of naked lesbians here.

Perhaps it would be even better if there were pictures of naked lesbians tied up. I wonder if rope or chain would be better for tying up naked lesbians? There is also leather. Can leather be used to tie up a naked lesbian? This blogger doesn't know for sure.

This blogger isn't an Arab either, but that's hardly worth mentioning - won't do anything for the hit counter, not being an Arab.

So anyway: let's concentrate on naked lesbians tied up with leather for now.

(I will amuse you with the hit count for this post at a later date!)


Anonymous said...

Sod the naked lesbians in bondage (another hit counter boost word?). How about Greece who has just had it's debt downgraded to CCC by S&P.

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Standard & Poor's said Monday it downgraded its long-term sovereign credit ratings on Greece to CCC from B. The outlook is negative. S&P has a short-term rating on Greece of C. "The downgrade reflects our view that there is a significantly higher likelihood of one or more defaults, as defined by our criteria relating to full and timely payment, linked to efforts by official creditors to close an emerging financing gap in Greece," S&P said in a statement.

Hmmm - how about naked lesbian's in Grease, kind of mud wrestling only slippery - sounds delightful.

Nationalist said...

I think you're trying to work Lesbos into the conversation, aren't you?

As for the Greek economy - blogged about ad nauseum in previous posts. Basically the Greeks sell sun, sand, sea, and... er, culture. And none of these things is in any way depleted by their economic activities. How difficult can it be to run a successful economy when your raw materials are free and inexhaustible?

(I suppose technically they grow a few olives as well; at least they tell the EU they, just to get the subsidies.)

So Greece will default on her debt; haircuts all round but the sun, sand, sea and culture will still be there so all will be fine in the end. (Apart from for the creditors of course.)