Monday, 13 June 2011

Tony Blair reads Koran every day

According to the Daily Mail, ex-PM Tony Blair reads the Koran every day. He says it's "beautiful" and "a civilizing force". This blog wonders what he makes of chapter 8, verse 12: 
I will instil terror
Into the hearts of the Unbelievers:
Smite ye above their necks
And smite all their
Finger-tips off them.
Yes folks, that's cut off the infidels' heads and then their fingertips! Why you should bother with the fingers once the heads are off isn't explained.

Quite why Our Tone, as a supposedly born-again Christian, should be reading the Koran and admiring it so much isn't clear. Of course us nationalists also read the Koran but only better to know our enemy. One imagines Blair is doing it to curry favour with the oil-rich rather than in defence of his people.

But it's totally in the character of the man. In office he was star-struck and obedient to every vested interest. When the White House whistled he came running. Billionaires of all hues found him a cheap date. And of course Gordon Brown played him like a tin drum. Now he's found a new master to worship.

Has he forgotten so soon his previous affectation...

Oi vey, it's Rabbi Blair

... time was he bent the knee to Israel.

Frankly, a weather vane has more consistency.

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