Monday, 25 July 2011

The blond bomber

Anders Behring Breivik, aged 32, bilingual, self-made multi-millionaire by his mid-twenties, 3rd degree mason, self-professed Knight Templar, body-builder, prostitute-user, video-gamer, uniform-wearer, auto-photographer, and immensely prolific writer about himself -- what was he thinking of?

He started a business, made €4 million, and used all that money and more to fund nine years of preparation for his spectacular one-day atrocity. Why?

Perhaps what he didn't do is actually more informative than what he did. He didn't kill himself rather than be taken alive. He didn't even evade capture. He didn't deny his crimes; although he does deny any guilt.

So what was he thinking of? Himself of course. Himself, as the star of his own show; his name written into the history books forever. Himself, as prime exhibit at his own trial. Notice that although he doesn't deny his actions - he must have the credit he is due - he does deny guilt; there must be a trial at which he can shine. (Incidentally, we can expect his lawyer to be sacked before the trial. He will defend his himself. He will want to do all the talking. Sitting mutely as a trial happens around him is very much not what he's looking for.)

He professes to be anti-Islam, anti-multiculturalism and anti-immigration. He undoubtedly is all these things. The internet is awash with his postings as "fjordman". He seems to have met and been impressed by the EDL leadership. And yet his targets were not muslims or immigrants but rather his own people, native Norwegians. Why not attack a mosque? It was Friday afternoon after all - that's when mosques are bursting with worshipers.

The reason is that it's not the muslims' attention he was trying to get. The intended audience is his own people. You don't poke an ants' nest when you're trying to stir up some bees.

His nationalist feelings are probably genuine. But sadly he has done nothing for the cause. In fact he has harmed the cause. And he's probably glad about that, since us nationalists are also in his target audience. Pissing us off just adds to his satisfaction.

Undoubtedly he will be given a fair trial; then he will be found guilty, and then, amazingly, he will have to serve 21 years in jail. Aged 53 he will be a free man, and most pleasingly to him, still the centre of attention.

The title of this post is "The blond bomber". Breivik's hair colour is completely irrelevant to his crimes. However it's worth taking note of the indecent haste with which the BBC and other mass media reported his complexion. The same BBC which can completely fail to notice that all members of a rape gang are brown-skinned and muslim, immediately reports the ethnicity of a European terrorist. They should take more care; their agenda is showing.

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