Thursday, 28 July 2011

London sharia zone

The Muslims Against Crusades organisation is now staking its claim on a defined portion of our capital city

Islamic Zone: Click to enlarge

The boroughs of Newham, Tower Hamlets (home of the historic Tower of London) and Waltham Forest are being plastered with stickers saying: "You are entering a Sharia-controlled zone - Islamic rules enforced."

Poster: You have been warned

The posters forbid entirely lawful activities such as smoking, listening to music and concerts, as well as prostitution and drug-taking.

MAC are holding a Britain's First Islamic Emirate March this coming Saturday.

There has been increasing harassment of people displaying un-Islamic behaviour or dress in this area for several months now: women, even white women, berated for not wearing headscarves. People smoking during the holy month of Ramadan have been attacked.

Now it seems they are going "official" - taking over an area of London, in which admittedly whites are a minority. I wrote about this earlier this month; it's not a surprise, but it needs wider dissemination - after all, this is only the first of many such zones planned.

Already the police in the area are conniving with the muslims; only under considerable pressure are they arresting or prosecuting anyone putting up these posters or using violence to enforce sharia law.

Clearly this needs to be opposed with the utmost vigour. If left unchallenged it will become a fait accompli and an alien power will have successfully invaded and conquered an (admittedly small) part of our country.


Anonymous said...

tell you what lets go in that part of the UNITED KINGDOM with a bacon sandwhich a 4 pack of beer a gutair a lottery ticket and a copy of Debbie does Dallas.. and use the guitar to play rule britina on it and show this scum where they are.. if they like their laws so much why dont they fuck off to a place that has it. a lot of good men died in the 20th cent so we have freedom to get pissed to play music etc.. where all those lives lost in vain cos of these bastards.. maybe if they had drink gambling music and porn they would be a bunch of uptight bastards.

Nationalist said...

OK, and while you're there you should deface those posters. Since they were illegally fly-posted you won't be breaking the law.