Monday, 18 July 2011

What did she say?

So Rebekah Brooks "attended" a Central London police station yesterday. She thought she was going in as a witness, but she rapidly became a suspect and was arrested. They held her for twelve hours; she was released at midnight.

Rebekah Brooks (nee Wade): Sang like a canary?

And what did she say during those twelve hours? 

Well, we don't know. But we do know that Sir Paul Stephenson resigned as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police during the evening, and within the last few minutes John Yates, Assistant Commissioner of the Met has also resigned, apparently after being informed he was to be investigated.

Are we seeing a strategy here? Closing the News of the World failed to stop the rot. Using Rebekah as a fire break didn't work. As the noose closes on the inner circle have they decided to use the "Samson" option? Push the pillars of the establishment apart and bring down the whole temple? If we're going down, everyone's coming down with us.

Tomorrow we were due to see RB and Murdoch Senior and Junior testify before a Parliamentary Select Committee. But can they now even say anything? With arrests made the whole thing has become "legal". They could reasonably exercise their right to silence.

Then parliament was due to breakup on Wednesday. But that's been cancelled. The House will sit one extra day to debate the phone hacking scandal.

The PM has been criticised for getting to close to the media. It seems he has met News Corp executives 27 times since taking office. 

Now it's clear that journalistic tentacles penetrate deep into the police and government and probably there are very few innocents. It's time for those in high office to duck and hope that none of the mud being splashed around hits them. If someone else, anyone else, can be persuaded to take the fall by resigning then so much the better.


Anonymous said...

Off topic and I apologize, but I was reading a post you made on the website housepricecrash, about the Oslo bomb which then seemed to disappear. Was that you deleting it? Or some moderator? I agree with the sentiment you expressed. A post I made also appeared for a few seconds then vanished.

Nationalist said...

Yes, it looks like the mods didn't like speculation of muslim involvment. They deleted my post.