Saturday, 20 August 2011

Blacks behaving badly

Dr David Starkey, Tudor historian and sharp-suited homosexual, is in hot water. His faux pas is to have blamed last week’s riots on “Black culture” while speaking on BB2’s Newsnight programme.

On air he said that Enoch Powell was right in his Birmingham speech: that the black man would have the whip hand over the white man. He went on to claim that black "gangsta" culture was responsible for the riots in London and Manchester: whether carried out by blacks or whites. For this outspoken behaviour no lesser figure than the Leader of the Opposition David Milliband, a Jew of immigrant stock, called him, “Racist, frankly.”

David Starkey: Enoch was right

Dr Starkey must feel like he has been savaged by a rubber sheep.

A contributor to the Daily Telegraph letters’ page went so far as to remark: “How can we stop this outrageous fellow continually blurting out the truth?”

But is it true? Is culture to blame?

At first blush the answer would have to be yes. Black male youths swim in a sea of lawlessness, encouraged by their peers; their rap music; their idols, and their nuclear families having mainly broken down – black fathers in the UK are distinguished by their absence – by their postcode gangs which act as both family and employer, giving them purpose, money (through drug dealing), status and a career path.

Some white youths have also bought into this culture. They have also joined the gangs. Born into gang-dominated areas they have seen the writing on the wall and decided that being a victimiser rather than a victim would be the better option. They speak the Jafrican patois like natives and blend in all save skin colour.

But one must ask: where did this culture come from? And would young black males behave any differently if it didn’t exist?

All the evidence seems to be that black culture is a product of the black race. Blacks create a culture which endorses the values they hold. In the USA, black-dominated inner cities: South-Central Los Angeles; Detroit; others too numerous to mention, are crime-infested Hell-holes. The black nations of sub-Saharan Africa are lawless in the extreme. South Africa is an object lesson: transitioning from white-ruled to black-ruled it descended from law-abiding, prosperous and safe, to the murder capital of the world, financed only by an ever-shrinking white population. When the whites are all gone it will be Zimbabwe in all but name.

Wherever blacks dominate so lawlessness and violence prevails. In America, in Europe, in Africa, in the Caribbean, the story is the same. Whatever cultural values they inherit from a civilising power they lose when that power withdraws. There are no exceptions.

So I would have say: Dr Starkey is actually wrong. Culture isn’t the cause of the behaviour; culture is a product of the behaviour. Black culture endorses black behaviour. Their Rap music tells them the story they wish to hear: that they are not the dregs of society; that they are not underachievers; that violent acquisition is right; that women are whores worthy of no respect; that the only reason they don’t have the good things in life is because white people are oppressing them.

Doubtless deep down they know they are being told a lie. But to deny the lie would be to accept their own criminal, unemployable, worthlessness; so it’s a lie they accept willingly.

That said, possibly for many of them, there is no such thing as “deep down”. Their thoughts are shallow and tenuous. They follow the herd; they gratify their urges; their lives are not complex. As individuals they are mainly harmless and rather inadequate. But in gangs they become irrational and violent. People with experience of Africa speak of how a group of Africans will make the transition. They start as an inoffensive collection of individuals. Then dancing breaks out. A menacing sort of dance called toy-toying which serves to bond the group. They work themselves into a frenzy. Then savagery; random violence, necklace killings and the like follows.

This has been their lives for millennia. It would be unreasonable to expect them to have changed fundamentally in the course of a couple of centuries.

We don’t have blacks behaving badly to this degree in the UK – yet.

The proponents of “culture not race” will of course point to the many white participants in the riots. The London and Birmingham riots were mainly black, but in Manchester were mainly white. This could be taken to argue for a cultural rather than racial cause.

However we should note these were copy-cat riots. The whole thing started in Tottenham, London, when, after an exchange of gun-fire, black gangster Mark Duggan wound up dead. There was clearly a major police operation to arrest Duggan, CO19 – the fire arms command, and Operation Trident – the black-on-black gun-crime unit – were involved. Duggan was no angel. But it all went wrong. One officer took a round in the radio and Duggan died.

If a white person had died in a police operation gone wrong that would have been the end of the excitement. Certainly there would have been inquiries and inquests, but all after the event, at a measured pace. The “community” would not have taken to the streets. There may have been legal action; maybe petitions; MPs may have been written to, but thoughts would not have turned to violence. For that you need blacks.

There was a march from the Broadwater Farm estate to Tottenham police station. Peaceful at first, after a few hours it degenerated into violence. Police cars were set on fire; then buildings, then the violence changed from “protest” to acquisitive and looting began. The rioting spread beyond Tottenham to Enfield, Hackney, Lewisham, Waltham Forest, Islington, and as far away as Croydon and even Oxford Street in the West End of London. All these were caused by blacks looting.

Blacks, it seems, do not rely on the mechanisms of the state to put right their wrongs. They take direct action as a first, not a last, resort.

That white chavs then copied in other cities is lamentable certainly. But these other riots were not provoked by “culture”, they were genuine emulation of what had been seen on TV the night before; motivated by a desire for excitement.

Also noticeable by their absence were the other minority ethnic groups. Asians did not riot. Eastern Europeans did not riot. The Scots, Irish and Welsh did not riot. In fact some of the black versus Asian animosity, which is forever bubbling under in the UK but is not reported by the media, came to the fore. Blacks driving a stolen car rammed and killed three Asians in an attempt to get at their shops. Elsewhere some blacks made it a point to attack any passing white person. The Daily Mail reported white men having their clothes stolen by blacks. They also briefly reported white women being stripped by rioting blacks. But that article was removed from their website after a few hours.

So it seems that without the blacks the events of last week would never have happened. No-one would have been shot in the first place. And if someone had been shot it would not have resulted in rioting and looting.

Which brings us to the question of what to do to prevent these things happening again in the future.

The most likely establishment response is to become even more self-abasing towards blacks. The police will be even more reluctant to arrest black hoodlums; black misbehaviour will be punished even less than it is now; and the likes of Starkey will be hounded off our TV screens; quietly, after a discreet interval, to avoid any suggestion of censorship. More money will be poured into black neighbourhoods to give them nicer housing and daytime activities: bread and circuses to pacify them. Although the great and the good will condemn the actual rioters they will follow that up by throwing more danegeld at the black communities in an attempt to buy them off.

And nobody of any consequence will be allowed to point out that we need to get these people out of our country; that the problem will get worse not better as they get more numerous; that they breed more and faster than whites, and that they will eventually swamp our green and pleasant land in their lawlessness.

Nobody except the BNP; and the establishment will not listen to them.


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