Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Blacks behaving better

The Notting Hill Carnival is over for another year. As usual Sunday was tame; the Monday less so. One million black people gathered in a couple of square miles of London, just north of Hyde Park, in fact a very posh and expensive area, and the air was thick with the smoke from frying chicken and the sound of truck-sized ghetto blasters. A smattering of white people were also present; including this blogger.

The dress code was "Jamaican" and flesh was displayed this season. Mainly corpulent flesh clearly fed on too much fried chicken.

The authorities are reporting the carnival as a great success with practically no criminal behaviour. Police top brass are colluding in this - they have everything to gain from playing along with the fiction that this year was much calmer than previous years.

And actually it was. The police operation only cost £4 million; only 5,000 officers were deployed into the carnival zone, some from as far away as Northumbria; only 200 arrests were made; only one member of the public got stabbed. The Dail Mail have a remarkable picture of that event.

Stabbist flees as member of public tries to trip him up!

Also one woman police officer got stabbed, below her protective vest (ouch!). However this may have happened a few yards outside the Carnival Zone since the police are not reporting it as a "carnival" incident. This blog understands she is not badly hurt. The media is not reporting the event.

Carnival-goer chats with police

Very few of the well-heeled residents of Notting Hill were in evidence. Presumably over the years they have learned to leave town for the last weekend in August.

Old lady watches aghast as 1000 decibel truck goes passed her street

As the day wore on mounds of discarded fried chicken and associated polystyrene packaging accumulated at every street corner. Mayor Boris dropped in to tell the TV cameras what fun everyone was having. The Met Acting-Commissioner didn't feel the inclination to drop by.

And only an hour or so after this blogger decided to leave he managed to reach the edge of the zone through a sea of dancing bodies and catch a train home.

There's a parade there somewhere, you just have to look closely

Today the locals will be returning from wherever they fled. Shopkeepers will be unboarding their windows, and the council will be shoveling away the carpet of trash left behind by the revellers. (By way of contrast, should you ever attend a BNP event try to find, just one, item of litter left behind by the participants!)

If the NHC were judged against a normal benchmark; if the sound levels were considered in absolute terms; if the organisers were required to pay the true costs of policing and clean-up, like they are at concerts, football matches and the like, then the NHC would be considered abject failure and would be unaffordable anyway.

But considering what it could have turned out like - it was a success.

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