Monday, 5 September 2011

Dale Farm riots scheduled

Major conflict is timetabled for the week after next; starting the 19th September to be precise. That's when police from all over the country will converge to effect the eviction of the 1,000 or so members of the Irish Travelling community illegally resident at Dale Farm in Basildon, Essex.

Dale Farm

Converging from the opposite direction will be hoards of loony-left trouble-makers intent on a good ruck as they attempt to defend the Travellers. This blog understands that defences are being built right now: tyre mountains, oil-soaked haystacks waiting to be set on fire, broken glass scattered to impede police vehicles. Meanwhile the local council are preparing bulldozers and earth-moving equipment to destroy all the illegally-built houses.

Strange, isn't it, that Travellers are only controversial when they stop travelling? They should take to the roads again, preferably the roads leading to County Limerick in Ireland, where they all come from.