Thursday, 27 October 2011

ONS projects UK population to be over 70 million by 2027

The ONS says we're going to have about an extra 10 million people in the country in the next 15 or so years; that's an increase of nearly 17% in population size.

Most people find this alarming, mainly because they know there aren't going to be 17% more houses, 17% more road space, 17% more school places, 17% more food grown, 17% more hospital beds, etc.

However this blog is completely sanguine. Yes sir, we don't care if the population goes up to 70 million because we know there are already 75 to 80 million people in the country!

It's the dirty little secret the government won't tell you. The immigrants are already here. It can be worked out from milk and bread consumption numbers from Tescos. Yes, really. The immigrants don't have to fill in paperwork if they don't want to, but they still eat.

Of course, this blog is extremely concerned that another 10 million are coming. (This includes breeding by immigrants already here - second generation immigrants); concerned because of the above resource constraints, and because there isn't the land available to building new roads, houses and make new farms. But also concerned because we know what kind of people these immigrants will be: violent and dangerous criminals!

Not all of them of course. But they will be members of the ethnic groups prone to being bad neighbours and a disproportionate number of them, including the ones born here, will be criminally inclined.

There is really no good reason to allow our country to be swamped with incomers. The benefits they bring are microscopically small (literally, in the case of the diseases they carry) and the downside blindingly obvious: look no further than the London Sharia zone, or August's riots.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think there are 70 million odd people in the country already. That estimate has come from the food consumed by people - though, crucially, it doesn't seem to consider the rise in obesity or wastage of food.