Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Dispatches, the morning after

OK, so Dispatches last night was considerably more frank about who is grooming white girls, and it isn't white boys, than other programmes have been in the past. Journalist Tazeen Ahmad's agenda was showing through quite horribly though. She was desperate to redeem her fellow muslims. She talked to young muslim men who described frankly how they lured under-age white girls into a life of prostitution; starting with gifts, alcohol, drugs before turning nasty and demanding sex, first sex for themselves, then sex for all the men in the group. Ahmad heard that sex with a 13-year-old white girl typically cost about £10, but a virgin could go as high as £30. They're not big spenders, these muslims.

The girls themselves described how they were controlled: failure to perform would result in their mothers' being threatened with gang rape. One girl was anally raped for disobedience.

A horrified Tazeen went on to talk to elders of the muslim community in her search for redemption. One started out alright, by condemning the grooming of young girls before adding as a afterthought that it was actually their fault for dressing too provocatively and being out late at night. Clearly if a girl isn't wearing a burhka she's asking for it.

Eventually Tazeen was able to find a group of muslims who, with just a little prompting, were prepared to stand in front of the camera and say grooming and raping children is wrong.

So with that under her belt Tazeen moved on to considering what should be done about the problem. The policeman from CEOP was useless. He couldn't quite bring himself to say, "It's the muslims what are doing it." Tazeen prompted him several times, but the words wouldn't come out of his mouth.

Tazeen herself had to resort to a little deception to maintain political correctness. During her voiceovers she freely interchanged the terms Pakistani and muslim, before then adding that some white men were perpetrators as well. Are there no white muslims in Tazeen's world? Apparently not. Of course we know that muslims from Eastern Europe are just as involved; immigrants from Albania, Bosnia, Romania, Chechnya, etc. There are also black-as-the-proverbial-ace-of-spades muslims from Somalia - no less guilty.

Tazeen then mused on why these crimes were being committed by Pakistanis particularly (again failing to note that it's muslims, not specifically Pakistanis.) But she couldn't come up with an answer to that question. Well, I'm sure she knows the answer, but she couldn't bring herself to say it out loud on TV: muslims rape under-aged white girls because their religion says they can. The prophet Mohammed enjoyed sexual relations with Aisha when she was nine years old - so why shouldn't his followers do likewise? Mo also enjoined his followers to take the women of the infidels for their own use. The whole religion is a perverts' charter. By their own standards the paedophile groomers are the very models of fine, upstanding believers.

Tazeen asked muslim elders what should be done about the problem. The answers were generally along the lines of, "what problem?" Vague suggestions about better education and telling people that rape is wrong were made! Surely everyone knows this. Strangely no muslim elder, nor the senior policeman, made the practical suggestion that banning the Islamic religion completely, and deporting anyone who defies the ban, would solve the problem.

So, to end, we conclude: Tazeen Ahmad did not duck most of the big questions. When you compare her programme with the episode of Newsnight where they spent the whole hour discussing the problem without once even alluding to the fact that the perpetrators might not all be bowler-hatted, umbrella-totting Englishmen, then Tazeen did good. Probably she did as good as she could. Obviously she doesn't want to completely trash her own religion - even if it must be very embarrassing for her that it's such a repulsive belief system. We must deduct marks for fudging the muslim versus Pakistani issue, but overall, a step in the right direction. I think the public is getting the message, slowly, and not yet the complete message, but we're getting there.

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Anonymous said...

I'm guessing if this was a crime commited by a collection of Christian's then this would be front page news and the Police would take it much more seriously. But as it's muslims. Well, we can't have anything said about them can we? I wonder why...