Thursday, 8 December 2011

"Kill the white slag"

It looks like "tram lady", Emma West from Croydon, who earlier this year saw her home town trashed by rioting immigrants and was rather vocal on a tram, will be spending Christmas in jail. Her two children have already been taken into care.

Meanwhile a gang of Somalis who, completely unprovoked, attacked a white woman in Leicester, kicking her in the head and shouting "Kill the white slag," have been spared jail at trial.

Judge Brown said that "Those who knock someone to the floor and kick them in the head can expect to go inside" but he went on to suspend the jail sentence because the ethnics were muslims and not used to drinking.

Clearly it's one law for us and a completely different law for them.


chefdave said...

It's absolutely disgusting but what can you do? As soon as British citizens complain about any of this stuff the "justice" system kicks into gear and charges idigenous Brits with made up crimes such as race hate.

Reason and logic isn't enough to defeat this type of tyranny because the liberal elites are convinced that their morality trumps all. And if it means suppressing white westerners in the process so be it, you can't have a multi-cultural omlette without breaking a few eggs.

Anonymous said...

Chefdave makes an excellent point - the 'egalitarians' really do believe that they're morally superior and that the end justifies the means. Thus if they have to restrict freedoms of speech and expression in order to build their utopia, then so be it.

Tram Lady has to be made an example of and this is why her, rather coarse, rant has received so much publicity and media attention when compared to the death of Danny O'Shea or the girl attacked by the Somalians. The message is clear, and it is intended to be: 'resistance is futile and it will be crushed.'

Particularly harrowing, I thought, is that she has undergone psychiatric evaluation and her children have been removed by the state. Stalinesque. Frightening.