Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Big Issue: richer than you

The first two words of English some immigrants learn when they arrive in the UK are "Big Issue". You might be tempted to feel sorry for them and buy their crap magazine. Well don't. The Daily Mail has exposed just how much money they get.

Romanian: Firuta Vasile

Firuta Vasile's weeky income breaks down as follows:
      Selling the Big Issue:          £100
      Tax credits:                    £326
      Child benefit:                  £60
      Disability living allowance:    £49
      Carer's allowance:              £55
      Housing benefit:                £50
Her housing benefit would normally be £160 per week, but it's reduced because of her other income.

This gives her a total annual income of £33,280

This is considerably in excess of the UK's average income for a person in full time employment of around £26,000.

Oh, and she's not homeless, she lives in a £130K three-bedroomed house.

So think about that next time you see a Big Issue seller.

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