Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Abu Qatada: not fat, not extreme, and has committed no crime

The BBC has issued guidelines to its journalists that they are not allowed to refer to the fat muslim extremist Abu Qatada as "fat" or "an extremist". And the fat Justice Secretary Ken Clarke - responsible for keeping him locked up - has claimed he has "not committed any crime".

Well, you decide...

Abu Q: fat extremist bearing loo rolls

Ken Clarke: fat Justice Secretary

The BBC does allow Abu Qatada to be called "radical". The OED definition of radical by the way, is "holding extreme political views" (plus various other definitions about roots and origins.) So this is just pc nonsense - there's one approved term and others are forbidden, without rhyme or reason.

As for Ken "Justice Secretary" Clarke: is entering the UK using a forged passport a crime, Ken? Because that's what Abu Q did back in 1993. And one way or another he's been living off the British taxpayer ever since.

Getting rid of him is easy. He is "wanted" in the USA, so just send him to America already.

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