Monday, 6 February 2012

India to UK: We don't want your aid

The Indian Finance Minister has called the UK's 1 billion aid package (over five years) to India 'a peanut' and said he does not want it; not even 'peanuts', just one peanut!

Well, how about we stop sending them the money then? India is nuclear power, they have their own space programme, their GDP will be bigger than ours within the decade, why on Earth are we forcing aid money on them when they don't even want it?

Let me answer than question. We are doing it out if sheer bureaucratic empire building. Civil servants and ministers measure their worth by how much money is passing through their hands. DFID, the Department for International Development, cannot abide the thought that their budget might be reduced, so they insist the aid recipients take the money and shut up.

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