Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Nick Griffin smeared by glamour model

For reasons that are not totally clear, the BNP seems to be a magnet for large breasted women with a photographic past. The latest to thrust her assets into our faces is...

Claudia Dalgleish:
Glamour model and modelling agent

Yesterday Ms Dalgleish earned herself a little payday with a "kiss 'n' tell" on Nick Griffin, BNP Chairman. The Daily Mail called Griffin a "sex pest", while the Daily Star said Griffin "exposed himself".

It sounds like Griffin has been a bad boy!

The operative expression being: "sounds like".

There's an awful lot of tell and not much kiss in this story. When you read "exposed himself" you are expected to think: indecently exposed himself, perhaps waved his willy around. But the papers have been careful with their wording: they don't said "indecently", they just hope you will assume it. Likewise they say Griffin was "excited". They want you to think: sexually excited. But they don't say that.

Unfortunately we're not likely to find out how much truth there is to this story. Griffin almost certainly isn't going to rise to the bait. He has tangentially referred to Dalgleish as an attention seeker without actually using her name, but that has been the totality of his response. The careful phrasing of the articles prevents Griffin from getting his own payday in the Libel courts.

However we may not have heard the last of Ms Dalgleish. Rumours abound that she has been "romantically" involved with other top BNPers, possibly with photographic evidence, and so more fourth estate cheques could be dropping into her lap in the future - no serious tabloid can be expected to resist the combined allure of Ms Dalgleish's assets and tales of far-right naughtiness.


Anonymous said...

Can we all just grow up please. Let's take our eye off who has breasts implants and dyed hair, and focus on the real battles please. I am friends with Claudia, Brendi, Natasha and Jack. I don't want you lot to take your focus off the real battles please. I want unity and for us to stand together, too many are dying around us and need our help now please. Forget personal nonsense and let's all get on with it. My hair is also bottle blonde and I have also had surgery, it really has nothing to do with my work, which is to save human lives one word at a time. The most part of 100 000 white people have been murdered in South Africa, by blacks since Nelson Mandela, and nil white on black murders. So let's focus there please.

Anonymous said...

I tried to add my name, it's Dee Altenburger.