Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Marine le Pen has her five hundred

Marine le Pen, standard bearer of French nationalism has the 500 signatures she needs to run for President of the 5th Republic.

Le Pen: Oui x 500

Under the bizarre French system in order to be eligible to run for leader you have to be approved by 500 existing leaders - mayors, senators and the like. But Marine has her numbers and is all set for the presidential campaign with the first round of voting on the 22nd of April, and a head-to-head run-off of the top two on May 6th, if necessary.

Marine is currently lying in third position behind the front runner, socialist, Fran├žois Hollande, and incumbent Sarkozy. She will have to overtake one of them to get into the run-off. Sarky is the easier pickings here - latest opinion polls have her on 17% and him on 26% - so easier, but still a tough nut to crack.

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Britannia said...

This makes me feel better. If the Front National don't win it will put a lot of pressure on the 'Parti Socialiste' and 'Union pour un Mouvement Populaire'.