Monday, 28 May 2012

Another black baroness behaving badly

OK, strictly speaking an Asian baroness: Lady Warsi, co-chairman of the Conservative Party. This blog has documented the misbehaviour of Baroness Scotland and the repulsive Baroness Uddin, the latter deserving of some kind of record for the amount of dodgy expenses (£125K) she claimed and still has not repaid. Managing to dodge jail was also quite an achievement.

Lady Warsi is a bit of a tyro by comparison. She merely forgot to declare rent she received on a flat in Wembley to the Lords' Register of Interests (but did declare it in a couple of other places so the oversight is probably genuine) and more seriously, is alleged to have claimed expenses for staying in a different flat when the owner of said flat claims to have received nothing.

Lady Warsi wags her finger

The story seems to be that Warsi paid some cash to one Naweed Khan who was the main tenant of the flat to offset the cost of her staying there - cash which she claimed back from the taxpayer. The actual owner of the flat, a Dr Wafik Moustafa, says he got nothing from her or Khan. It looks like Khan pocketed the money - which as main tenant he may have been fully entitled to do, he was one suffering loss of amenity after all. Khan says he did receive payments.

Here the story gets a bit murkier. Naweed Khan seems to be a Conservative Party hanger-on; he ran for parliament as a Tory candidate in Birmingham but failed to get elected. (Warsi also ran for parliament and failed to get elected, she got made a baroness as a consolation prize - perhaps because she's a woman and the Conservatives did not have any female muslim peers at the time.)

Anyway, Warsi (divorced, remarried) and Khan seem to be muckers. Khan is now her special advisor (spad in the jargon.) Which means he is paid by the taxpayer to work for her on a personal basis. Warsi's main job is chairman of the Party, but she is also a minister without portfolio, which means she gets the ministerial perks including employing friends at public expense.

So Khan is standing by his mistress - as you would expect. Which is fortunate for Warsi because it pretty much puts her in the clear: she paid, if he did not pass that money on that is strictly between him and Dr Moustafa.

Moustafa by the way is an Egyptian immigrant. He qualified as a doctor in Cairo before moving to the UK and becoming a GP. Oh, and as I am sure you have guessed by now: he is a failed parliamentary candidate for the Conservative Party. This whole issue seems to have arisen out of a spat between Moustafa and his fellow MP-wanna-bes.

Moustafa founded and runs an organisation called the CAN - the Conservative Arab Network.

Dr Moustafa supports care in the community

The CAN has a mission statement: ...supporting the Conservative Party polices [sic] and raising awareness of British-Arab issues to the British Government, Conservative MP´s, Peers and Parliamentarians, to establish closer links on economic, trade, cultural and diplomatic relations. (This blog reckons it is policies not polices they support, but you never know...)

However its real purpose would appear to be to give Dr Moustafa a platform on which to get photographed with senior Tories. It's a classic case of: move to the UK and try to muscle in on the establishment. But Dr Moustafa's social climbing has been frustrated: despite its name, the CAN has not been accepted for affiliation with the Conservative Party, and that irks Dr Moustafa quite a lot; in fact so much that one might even suspect that he has fallen out with his fellow failed-MPs so much that he is now being indiscreet on the touchy subject of expenses.

What we are looking at here is a spat between muslim immigrants (Warsi was born in the UK, her parents came here from Pakistan) which has all the endearing qualities of three maggots arguing over a corpse.

It appears to this blog that all the participants in this affair are self-interested arrivistes who have lived their entire adult lives off the British taxpayer and the British interest would best be served by them unhooking their suckers from our veins and returning whence they came (or in Warsi's case: whence her parents came, and she visits often.)


Anonymous said...

'The CAN has a mission statement: ...supporting the Conservative Party polices [sic] and raising awareness of British-Arab issues to the British Government, Conservative MP´s...'

Should there be an apostrophe after the P? I think not.

Nationalist said...

True, but life's too short to correct all their errors...