Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Voting on 3rd May, 2012

Tomorrow lots of voting will happen in the UK. Most significantly there's the election for Mayor of London, the politician with the largest mandate in the country (whoever wins), the Greater London Assembly is also being elected; other cities are electing mayors; there are council elections, and several cities are voting to see if they want directly elected mayors.

Let's look at the London Mayoral race first...

Bonking Boris Johnson

The devil you know.

Tory candidate, mainly known for making five times more as a columnist than as a mayor during his term in office.

Ken "Gingrich" Livingston

Another devil you know.

Official Labour candidate. Bit of a tax dodger.

Brian "I like dick" Paddick

The devil you would rather not know.

Official Lib Dem candidate. Like most Lib Dems is a bit of a perv.

Jenny "the Fossil" Jones

Scary granny. Official Green candidate. Prior to politics she was mainly interested in old fossils.

Lawrence "Spider" Webb

Official UKIP candidate. Currently works as a political aide.

Carlos "the Jackel" Cortiglia

BNP candidate. Immigrant from Uruguay. Heaven only know why he joined the BNP or why they selected him as candidate.

Siobhan "the Pook" Benita

Unofficial Labour candidate. Don't like Ken? Here's a more "new" Labour candidate for you. She's some sort of Anglo-Indian-Italian mix and lurves "Diversity". Seems to have lived off the taxpayer all her life.

So there you have it - an uninspiring bunch. One of Ken or Boris will win, probably Boris.

Notable by their absence this year are the Left List, Respect, and the English Democrats.

So the question is, how should a patriotic nationalist vote? The normal choice would be the BNP candidate, but in a fit of auto-flagellation the BNP have chosen an immigrant candidate with little London pedigree.

The choice of Carlos has been controversial in nationalist circles. The BNP vote will certainly suffer. He was chosen to show how "reformed" the Party is. After all the legal problems of last year the High Command has been determined to put forward a candidate with no skeletons in his closet, mainly because he hasn't got a closet, or any sort of history in British politics.

But, there's a subtlety here. Carlos is mayoral candidate, but he is not Number One on the BNP's GLA list. Nope, he's fourth on the list, which means he's not going to get elected to the GLA either. The man first on the list might get elected, that's Steve Squire.

Steve Squire: Londoner and BNP stalwart

Steve is the BNP's London supremo and has a nationalist pedigree going back generations. He's the man the Party actually want to get elected to something.

So, when it comes to voting, this blog urges you to support the BNP candidate as your first choice, not because he's the right man for the job, but rather because it will help the Party to have a significant percentage of the votes when it comes to getting media attention and face-time on TV and the like.

As Cortiglia is not going to be elected your second preference vote is the one that actually counts. Here this blog urges you to vote for Boris Johnson. Reason? Well if you actually want to influence the outcome it has to be one of Boris or Ken and Boris has shown the occasional lapse into patriotism. It would be especially good if Boris could win only after second preference votes have been counted, and only thanks to the support of BNP members and supporters! This would make Boris beholden to the BNP which can't be a bad thing.

Obviously when it comes to the Greater London Assembly London-wide list, it's an easy tick in the BNP box. Hopefully Steve Squire will be elected.

There are also 14 constituencies represented on the GLA. The BNP is standing candidates in 6 of those constituencies, and if you are lucky enough to live in one of these areas you should put your X in the BNP box. (None of them will win, but they need your support and encouragement to keep them in the fight.)

If you live in one of the 8 London constituencies without a BNP candidate, you're on your own.

Tellingly UKIP, the "other" nationalist party, is not standing any candidates in the London constituencies, although they have a full slate for the London-wide list. This tells us something of their real nature. They have no interest in actually representing the people who elect them, they do not want to be jobbing politicians, they just want big wins and power without constituents to work for. Not for them surgeries or actually helping people.

So that's London sorted.

Also topical is the BNP's candidate for mayor of Liverpool. Cllr Mike Whitby had a visit from the police who smashed down his front door, handcuffed him, and marched him off to the police station. For what reason? Well actually no reason at all. He was later released without charge. The police were simply taking him out of circulation for a while. Details here. This is unacceptable but all too common.

So if you're in Liverpool give Councillor Whitby your vote. He won't win of course, it's a Labour fiefdom (which is why the police do their bidding) but he deserves your support and encouragement.

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