Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Emma West, trial postponed

For those of you following the persecution of Emma West (tram lady to her friends) whose trial for objecting to the invasion of our country while travelling on a Croydon tram was due to be taking place this week, please note the trial has been pushed back to the 16th of July.

This is for "psychiatric reports" - ie, to collect evidence that she is mad rather than the instigator of a legitimate complaint.

It is so much cleaner all round if she can be called mad. That way the actual issues do not have to considered at trial.


Anonymous said...

you got that one right

Julian Curtis Lee said...

A good video for our cause:


Please pass along.

Anonymous said...

Who trying to invade ur country? U all should be imprisoned and sanction for invading so many countries and destroying there civilization also stealing there resources to feed feed and enrich the british population. What goes around comes around