Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Emma West, trial postponed again

Gawd, this is like pulling teeth. Emma West, tram lady, has had her trial at Croydon Crown court postponed again.

Emma West: Tram lady

The timetable for this alleged offence now looks something like this:

Oct 18, 20011, Incident on tram
June 11, 2012, First trial date
July 16, 2012, Second trial date
Sept, 5, 2012, Third trial date

Each time the trial is aborted to allow time for more medical reports. And one must presume, to have her ground down by the system a bit more.

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Julian Curtis Lee said...

Yes. Grinding her down. I think this may be a way, also, to keep waving this "mental illness" idea in our face, as if it takes being mentally ill to speak any discouraging word about immigration, or to cease making them welcome.

Some have suspected that they don't want the trial to be news during the Olympics. It's hard to say.

Tribute to Emma West: