Friday, 24 August 2012

Anders Behring Breivik: Sane and guilty

The verdict is in - Breivik has been declared sane and guilty and sentenced to a possible 21 years in jail with a minimum of 10 years - minus the 445 days he has already served. So it's only the sentence which is insane.

The correct sentence for murdering 77 people is death by hanging.

This is the outcome Breivik wanted. Check out the little smile as the sentence is pronounced.

Breivik: As sane as you or me

His plans now involve a lot of writing. All Norwegian prisons are connected to the internet and all prisoners have some entitlement to use the connection. (All prisoners are entitled to education, and these days that requires internet access.) Breivik was a prolific internetter so perhaps we will see him popping up in his usual haunts such as

Inevitably he will have followers. Although nationalists generally abhor his methods - they share his concerns. Some of them will agree that the executing of 'traitors' is a necessary and meritorious act. There is a danger that Breivik will become 'Leader-in-jail' of a significant movement. (Nelson Mandela is also a mass-murderer and was 'spiritual leader' of the ANC during his 27 years in jail. Somehow being inside adds credibility.)

The hope by many that Breivik will now not be heard of for a couple of decades is likely to be forlorn.

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