Friday, 10 August 2012

Big-Headed Bolt

Jamaican runner, Usain Bolt, has won the gold medal for the 100m and the 200m sprints in the London Olympics, just like he did four years ago in Peking.

That is obviously a great achievement and entirely laudable.

However it seems his mouth runs just as fast as his legs. He has called himself "the greatest athlete" and a "living legend".

Bolt: Legend in his own lunchtime
These epithets are debatable but may be true, although as I indicated in the previous post the winner of the decathlon is traditionally regarded as the greatest athlete. "Living legend" is perhaps less deniable.

But the point is, it is not for anyone, in any field, to self-appoint as either greatest or a legend in their own lifetime. These accolades come from public consensus or not at all. To pin them on oneself seems like the boastfulness of a ten-year-old. I cannot imagine any (white) British athlete coming out with such arrogance, and there are many who have won more medals than Bolt. Nor can I imagine the media reporting this type of self-congratulation in such an uncritical manner for an athlete who was not black.

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Anonymous said...

I'd never heard of him - but then I read it on the BBC, so it must be true...