Thursday, 16 August 2012

Harry and Amelia

The BBC has reported that in 2011 the top name chosen for boy babies was Harry, probably inspired by Prince Harry and the boy wizard Harry Potter. The top girl's name was Amelia. The Guardian agrees almost word for word.

There were 7,256 boys called Harry born last year.

What neither the Beeb nor the Guardian found space to report is that if you add up all the variations on the muslim prophet's name (Mohammed, Muhammad, Mohammad, Muhammed and Mohamed) you get a total of 7,907.

Yes, Mo is the real top boys' name in 2011. The muslims are out-breeding everyone else. However the left-wing apologists for the colonisation of our country are having their treachery concealed by the fact that the muslims cannot spell their prophet's name in any consistent manner - at least in English.

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