Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Olympic opening ceremony

What is a nationalist to think of the £27 million Olympic opening ceremony held last Friday?

Well I suppose we should be glad it went off with no major disasters. The weather was the key variable - if it had rained hard all evening that would have completely ruined the event. But it did not - not a drop - phew!

The ceremony was grandiose, clever, humorous, and a technological tour de force. Other opening ceremonies have had fireworks; in the stadium, at the end. We were treated to fireworks from about halfway through, and not just in the stadium but along the streets leading to the stadium, in the stadium, around the stadium, practically shooting down into the spectators.

The part where James Bond went to Buck House, collected Her Majesty in a helicopter and they both parachuted into the stadium was clever and funny in equal measure. Obviously viewers were expecting Bond to jump, but the queen as well! (Actually neither of the stunt people in the chopper landed in the stadium. The place was riddled with wires - it would have been lethal.)

But juxtaposed with all this cleverness we had some down-right perplexing parts. What was it with all the blacks? Blacks have lived in the UK since 1948, other than in tiny numbers. They form a negligible part of our national history and yet were all over the opening ceremony in vastly disproportionate numbers; backs in top hats playing Victorians; blacks in the typical suburban house; black dancers - the main dance narrative was black boy hooks up with black girl by finding her phone and they both live happily ever after.

This was not subtle 'blonking'. (Blonking is a TV term for briefly focusing on black people in the audience. There is also 'plonking' which is picking out a pretty girl for no obvious reason - other than she is a pretty girl of course.)

TV people love a good blonk. They are mainly left-wing and think it salubrious to shove immigrants in our faces. They think we will start to consider it normal to have black people all over the place. They especially love to place them in inappropriate historical contexts as if to say, "blacks have always lived all over the British Isles. Of course there were black Victorians, and blacks at Agincourt, and Runymede and in Boudicca's army."

But the Olympic opening went beyond any sort of subtle brainwashing. It was very noticeable - it must have sent a very strange message to foreigners viewing the ceremony. "What are the Brits trying to tell us?", they must have asked themselves.

Maybe the luvvies who put the whole thing together thought that we have been blonked so much over recent years that the dose needed to be increased and they just overdid it. Maybe they themselves live in such a blonked world that it seemed normal to them.

Who are these luvvies anyway?

Well, everyone knows that Danny Boyle (director of Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire, 28 Days Later) was the Artistic Director of the event. (It had a name by the way: Isles of Wonder.) Less well known are the others in the creative team.

The scriptwriter was Frank Boyce; a long term collaborator with Danny Boyle and a former writer for the magazine Living Marxism. As Assistant Director there was Stephen Daldry, an Oscar nominated director in his own right and a former member of the Socialist Workers' Party. Also assisting was Catherine Ugwu - a writer on the subject of "Black Liberation".

Of course there were quite a few others in the production team, but they were mainly technical - there to implement the vision of the above 'creatives'.

So there seems to have been a Marxist capture of the event. They could not resist the urge to shove their dogma in our faces and as a result they tarnished the event. It should have been apolitical. However, it is perhaps a good thing they overplayed their hand. It makes it more obvious that there was a subtext - and it should prod people to look more sceptically at the output of TV and try to discern what message the magic lantern is trying to slip past their critical faculties and straight into the hind brain.

In a couple of weeks the same team will be bringing us the Closing Ceremony; more of the same probably.

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Thank you for naming the folk involved. I had wondered.