Monday, 24 September 2012

A pleb apologises

The government Chief Whip (at this exact moment, anyway) Andrew "Thrasher" Mitchell, MP, has apologised for not showing enough respect to the police.

It is alleged that while leaving Downing Street on his bicycle (points for greenness!) his way was obstructed by a closed gate and a lady police officer from SO6 (diplomatic protection) invited him to proceed through a pedestrian gate to which he replied along the lines of, "Don't you know who I am? F*cking pl*b!" (Exact wording disputed) thus committing a Section 5 Public Order offence.

Andrew Mitchell: Checked shirt?! Awooga!!
Fashion error!

Thrasher had been appointed Chief Whip a few minutes previously and was quite reasonably annoyed that his new status was not acknowledged by flunkies rushing to open gates for him. This blog can only sympathize. When a fellow takes the trouble to attend a top Public School, top University, and Sandhurst, and serves a whole nine months with the Royal Tank Regiment and gets a medal for going to Cyprus it must be galling not to have ones achievements recognised.

It must be said that his service with the army was a bit short but clearly they felt in the regiment that nine months from Andrew was as good as a lifetime from anyone else and they should not stand in the way of his progression into the banking industry.

But this blog does have to take issue with his use of the word "pleb". When Andrew sits down at the cabinet table he is surrounded by people who went to Eton and Oxford. Poor Andrew only went Rugby and Cambridge. Surely he is the pleb!

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