Thursday, 13 September 2012

Another tram lady: this time black

Emma West has company - we have another tram lady. This one's invective included, "I hate f*cking white people," and, "White c*nts!" In contrast to this lady's rant, Miss West's contribution was a reasoned polemic on the subject of immigration.

Here is the new tram lady...

"White c*nts!"

The complete video may be viewed here.

It will be interesting to compare and contrast this lady's treatment by the authorities with that of Emma West. Emma had her children taken into care, she spent time in prison, and she has been in court three times so far with no actual trial taking place.

This new "tram lady" would seem to have committed a more serious offence, based on the language used and hatred expressed. I trust the authorities will step up to the mark promptly.

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