Monday, 22 October 2012

Have you heard of Bani Walid?

Not if you rely much on British TV for news, you haven't. The Libyan civil war is still raging and the town of Bani Walid is under siege. It is under the control of "pro-Gaddafi" forces. (You would have thought that "pro-Gaddafi" would be a moribund term by now, but no, they fight on. They fight because the New Libyan Government is not going to let them go unpunished for supporting Gaddafi back in the day.)

Several hundred people in Bani Walid have been injured and possibly as many as a hundred killed this month alone.

But it doesn't suit the mainstream media to cover this. As far as they are concerned: Gaddifi is dead, the good guys won, Libya is free - end of story. There is some American coverage, but the BBC and friends would not want to spoil a perfect ending by giving this story any prominence - just like they did not want to spoil their Christmas schedules by reporting Jimmy Savile's paedopilia.

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