Friday, 19 October 2012

Not under my roof or in my bed

Oh dear, Nick the Griff - BNP chairman and MEP for North West England - is being 'investigated' by the Thought Police (aka Cambridgeshire Constabulary) for having the sheer audacity of suggesting that a campaigning homosexual couple who have successfully sued for compensation for not being allowed to share a bed in a B&B should themselves be the subject of a peaceful demonstration by people who object to perversion being rammed down their throats.


Michael Black, 64, and John Morgan, 59, sued Susanne Wilkinson, Christian owner of a B&B in Berkshire. They were awarded £1,800 each for hurt feelings. Mrs Wilkinson has previously refused unmarried heterosexual couples a shared bed, so her actions are clearly not anti-homosexual as such. She is a devout Christian.

After the verdict Mr Griffin tweeted: "We'll hold demo... for rights of all home owners, gays included, to rent or not rent rooms to whomsoever they wish." He then asked if anyone knew their address.

The relevant information was obviously supplied because a couple of hours later he tweeted: "So Messrs Black & Morgan, at [address]. A British Justice team will come up to Huntington & give you a bit of drama by way of reminding you that an English couple's home is their castle. Say No to heterophobia!"

To the completely uninitiated a visit from a "Britsh Justice team" might seem somewhat alarming. However BNP demos are always completely peaceful on the BNP side. There isn't even any chanting; just a bunch of people standing there holding Union flags and placards; probably not even waving them, just holding them. Any violence always comes from the opposition; the so-called anti-fascists. (Since the BNP is not fascist it is not clear why they are opposed by "anti-fascists".) So Mr Griffin was not suggesting any violence, just a protest against the ever declining standards of public morality.

Time was if you checked into a hotel with your girlfriend you had to use the names "Mr & Mrs Smith". Of course back then homosexuality was illegal and Mrs Wilkinson would have had the full support of the police if she turned Black and Morgan in. Much against most people's better judgement homosexuality was decriminalised back in the 1960s. There seems to have been a naive impression that homosexuals would at least have the decency to keep it behind their own closed doors. Foolish us! That genie is out of the bottle and he is not going back.

The lesson here is: don't give an inch - they'll take a mile.

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