Monday, 5 November 2012

Another immigrant rips us off


Denis MacShane, MP

He was born in the UK of immigrant parents. He changed his name from Matyjaszek to MacShane. He was sacked by the BBC for dodgy dealings and became an MP. And now he has quit as an MP after being caught printing up invoices on his office computer and signing them with various different names, and then authorising them for payment in his own name.

He has pleaded parliamentary privilege to avoid being prosecuted for this fraud.

If he walks away from this it will be both amazing and a travesty of justice.

It just goes to show, once a wrong un, always a wrong un.

And after quitting he will continue to rip us off. He will be entitled to 50% of his MP's pay, index linked, as a pension.


Anonymous said...

MacShane's an idiot and deserves what he gets but its disgusting that you need to bring up his parentage when the man was quite clearly born in Britain.

Nationalist said...

Disgusting? You're easily disgusted then. Why hide from the facts? He has no qualms about ripping us off because he does not consider himself one of us.