Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Census 2011 - Religion

Some data from last year's census is now available online. Here is the religion information, for England and Wales only, contrasted with 2001.

Religion           2001         2011    %Change
--------           ----         ----    -------
Christian    37,046,500    33,243,743   -10.26%
Muslim        1,546,626     2,706,066   +74.97%
Hindu           552,421       816,633   +47.83%
Other           480,033       240,530   -49.89%
Sikh            329,358       423,158   +28.48%
Jewish          259,927       263,346    +1.32%
Buddhist        144,452       247,743   +71.51%

As you would expect Christianity is falling away and the Asian religions are taking over. The big winner is Islam gaining more than a million members in the decade.

Some of the others are big percentage winners, but they started from a small base.


Durotrigan said...

It looks as if the couple of comments above are spam. As for the matter in hand, there has indeed been a very noteworthy increase in the Muslim population of England and Wales over the past decade, as well as in the number of Hindus. This should come as no surprise, given that some of the main points of origin for the recent immigrant population have been Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. It would also be interesting, although depressing, to discover how many have converted to Islam during that period too.

Nationalist said...

Spam gone!

I think the two growth factors are immigration and breeding. Conversion is probably not such a big deal. Other Asians such as Hindus and Sikhs are very unlikely to convert - they mainly despise Islam.