Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Evolution versus Creation

Just for a change let us sort out the big Evolution vs Creation thing once and for all! To put things in perspective, here is a recap of life on Earth...
Years ago           Life on Earth
-------------       -----------------
4,500,000,000       Planet created, molten, no life
4,400,000,000       Still too hot, no life
4,300,000,000       Crust forming, too hot, no life
4,200,000,000       No life
4,100,000,000       No life
4,000,000,000       No life
3,900,000,000       Primitive microbes appear
3,800,000,000       Microbes
3,700,000,000       Microbes
3,600,000,000       Microbes
3,500,000,000       Microbes
3,400,000,000       Microbes
3,300,000,000       Microbes
3,200,000,000       Microbes
3,100,000,000       Microbes
3,000,000,000       Microbes
2,900,000,000       Microbes
2,800,000,000       Microbes
2,700,000,000       Microbes
2,600,000,000       Microbes
2,500,000,000       Microbes
2,400,000,000       Microbes
2,300,000,000       Microbes
2,200,000,000       Microbes
2,100,000,000       Microbes
2,000,000,000       Microbes
1,900,000,000       Microbes
1,800,000,000       Microbes
1,700,000,000       Microbes
1,600,000,000       Microbes
1,500,000,000       Microbes
1,400,000,000       Microbes
1,300,000,000       Microbes
1,200,000,000       Microbes
1,100,000,000       Microbes
1,000,000,000       Microbes
  900,000,000       Microbes
  800,000,000       Microbes
  700,000,000       Microbes
  600,000,000       Microbes
  500,000,000       Six kingdoms of life; 10 divisions
                    of plants; 35 phyla of animals;
                    male and female plants; male and
                    female animals; animals with legs,
                    wings, eyes.
  400,000,000       Nothing much new, some extinctions
  300,000,000       Same
  200,000,000       Same
  100,000,000       Same
      Present       Same

OK, so there has been a lot of speciation after 500 million years ago but no new kingdoms or phyla of life (the big divisions) just alterations to what was already there.The big surprise at (more precisely) 530 million years ago is called the Cambrian Explosion. It took not more than 5 to 10 million years to happen - and may have occurred in a much shorter period of time.

In the Origin of Species Charles Darwin said this was a show-stopper for "evolution" unless some pre-Cambrian fossils could be found so that the diversity did not come out of nowhere. That was 150 years ago and so far no such fossils have been found, despite a lot of microbial fossils having been found.

Evolution or Creation? You decide!


Anonymous said...

Intelligent post makes a change. Why not have a science blog?

Nationalist said...

Thanks, but I prefer economics and politics, and anyway, this is more of an anti-science post.