Friday, 11 January 2013

Doctors on trial

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hears cases of alleged malpractice by doctors. It is part of the General Medical Council and has the power to strike doctors who are a danger to their patients off the list of persons entitled to practise medicine in the UK.

The list of forthcoming cases can be seen here.

Here is a summary showing name and allegations for each doctor...

Dr Neil Chanaka Wellappili
Used unapproved drugs; falsified records.
Dr Ramakrishna Rao Rebbapraagada
Failed to provide good care; patient had cardiac arrest.
Dr James Bruce Richardson
Used modified medical device without patient consent.
Dr Luise Ruth Schodlok
Used unnecessary force on patient; was rude to to patient and staff; shouted at staff.
Dr Amit Kumar Banerjee
Sexual assaults on patients.
Dr Mashud Souroyer
Falsification of records; dishonesty.
Dr Dega Venkata Ramana Reddy
Failure to inform GMC of criminal conviction.
Dr Akinbowale Oluseyi Akinlua
Dangerous driving.
Dr Habib Ullah
Sexual assault on patient.
Dr Anthonipillai Nicholas-Pillai
Poor record keeping;
Dr Allan Jeffery Levi
Review of a previous 12 month suspension.
Dr Haleem Uddin Bhatti
Multiple sexual assaults on females.
Dr Khurshid Alam
Non-payment of fees.

That is the complete list of cases to be heard next week.

Look at the names. Only one of these doctors (Richardson) has an English name. The others are all ethnic. There is an amazing correlation between ethnic status and malpractice - far more so than even in the prison population or crime generally. Bear in mind that ethnic doctors are still a minority in the NHS.

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