Tuesday, 26 February 2013

RIP Aaron Dugmore, aged 9

Aaron Dugmore, 9, killed himself in his bedroom after months of being bullied by Asians at his school for being white. His mother had complained to the school, which is 75% ethnic minority, but she was told, "you chose to come here," as though the bullying were her fault.

Aaron Dugmore: bullied to death by Asians

If Aaron were black there would now follow days of national mourning with blanket coverage all over the media as happened for Damilola Taylor and Stephen Lawrence.

But Aaron was white so instead he is just going to be swept under the carpet.


The Fog Horn said...

A tragic end to this poor little boy's life. Many more little boys suffer in silence and the future looks bleak for our children's children.

I used to live in a muslim ghetto in Leicester as a student so know how it feels to be singled out for abuse and religious cleansing.

I ran God Help Britain as Britney British for years until death threats put an end to it.

I have spent two decades trying to find the silver bullet....and finally found it.

God/Allah was an imaginery volcano god. The ancient Hebrews worshipped volcanoes. I have spent three years collating evidence for this theory. Please take the time to go through it properly before dismissing this undeniable idea.


Please link to me and I will link back.

Good luck.

Nationalist said...

It's an interesting theory, but it isn't going to bring Islam tumbling down (unless Mt Sinai erupts and wipes them all out!)