Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The perverts are taking over (the language)

Yesterday the House of Commons voted by 400 to 174 votes for the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill to proceed to the next phase, this being a line-by-line scrutiny followed by asking the House of Lords what they think. The end result will be homosexual marriage in England and Wales, but not Scotland - except that the government will have the power to rule that a same sex marriage in England or Wales be treated as a civil union in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Of course these days with marriage comes divorce. One major ground for divorce is infidelity. However homosexual marriage will be different: only adultery with a person of the opposite sex counts! This seems prima facie totally bizarre. It stems from the fact there is no actual legal definition of homosexual sex; especially with women no-one quite knows what would constitute sexual intercourse.

The Bill also contains a load of guff about people who change sex. Previously when a married person changed sex their marriage automatically ended (even if the other spouse changed sex in the opposite direction at the same time!) Now though, the marriage can continue but the other spouse must consent to the change of sex.

What you will not see anywhere in the Bill is the word "gay". Admirably in their online reporting of the Bill the BBC have also managed to avoid the word "gay" - except when quoting directly from speeches made by politicians. Unfortunately on air they have not been so scrupulous. TV and radio journalists have been brandishing the term "gay marriage" with gay abandon. This blogger reckons all marriages are gay, a sad marriage would be rather pointless. The politically correct media seem determine to ram the word "gay" down our throats as a synonym for homosexual. This is a complete perversion of the English language and a transparent attempt to curry favour for homosexuality and make it seem harmless.

However homosexuality is not harmless. Where a sexual offence is committed against a child, it is twenty times more likely to be homosexual offence than a heterosexual offence. The relationship breakdown rate among homosexuals is many times that of heterosexuals; and when doctors treat homosexuals for sexually transmitted disease they are advised to look for multiple combined pathologies - homosexuals don't catch one disease at a time.

That said, although nationalists generally regard homosexuality as an abomination, the policy of the BNP is probably correct - it should not be recriminalised, merely derecognised by the State. What consenting adults do in their own homes is up to them; just don't force it on the rest of us.

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