Friday, 1 February 2013

The Turbine Taliban

The Turbine Taliban are the latest, greatest terrorists in the UK. They are so new they may not actually exist.

Check out their work...

Wind turbine: "fell over" in the night

Of course that wind turbine might just have fallen down accidentally in the 50mph winds - after all it was designed to withstand 120mph winds. Rumour has it some bolts from the base are missing - the company which built and maintains it is not commenting.

A saboteur would not need to actually remove any of the bolts at the base; just loosening them would be sufficient to cause excessive wear followed by a collapse.

That said, the most recent turbine designs have been adapted to prevent vandism and the bolts are actually inside the tube which can only be accessed via a hatch which is kept locked. However these turbines are still vulnerable to hunters shooting at birds sitting on the blades and accidentally hitting  the blade itself. This knocks a small hole in the blade and the resulting imbalance wrecks the machine's gearbox next time there is a heavy wind.

Whenever this happens the locals do not seem particularly concerned.

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